Our Passion for Natural Adventure

There is so much to experience in this world! What we love most is the interaction between nature, people and adventure. Seeking beautiful natural environments, and experiencing them through adventurous endeavours creates respect, meaningful connection and a greater understanding of our delicate natural ecosystems. I am blessed and rewarded to share these adventures with amazing people. The bonds that we develop through these transformative experiences are truly what makes it all worthwhile.
We want to share these special places, these challenging but rewarding activities, we want to share these transformative experiences with you, so you can live your adventurous life!

The values that drive us

We are genuine in our passion to produce the best adventure experience possible for you.  We do this by staying true to our deepest values which in turn drive OneLife Adventures to deliver outstanding adventure experiences, these are:


OneLife Adventure Guides are essentially all professional risk managers in their respective field. Essentially we make hundreds of decisions a week all directed toward keeping you safe and comfortable. It is our primary and overruling value. 

A real adventure though flexible decision making

What we provide must be a real adventure. What is a real adventure? It's pushing beyond your comfort level, It's the unexpected, the unknown and the sense and excitement that draws us to those experiences. Flexibility in adventure guiding decision making means seeing opportunities as they arise and not sticking to a rigid plan. Of course, planning is essential although sometimes those little unexpected moments are what really stand out and above all else.

Adventure fun

This is very simple we are here to have fun in an adventurous way. 

Customization through Customer focus

We are all different and arrive with many different experiences and skill sets, this is our focal point to begin to tailor your particular adventure experience to you. This starts with the first contact and extends right through to the experience end. We take the time to communicate with you to identify what you really want.

Creative product design though multidisciplinary skill sets

At Onelife Adventures we are not just climbers or skiers or sailors we are all those things and more, we specialise in adventurous modalities through wild area's using means that connect us to that environment. This multidisciplinary skill set allows us to combine these activities and draw from knowledge sets that would be otherwise absent. 

Slow, connected and least impact (sustainability)

Our Adventure experiences utilize slow thoughtful and connected means of exploration. We choose the human body, wind and gravity to propel our adventures. These modalities all have a portion of slow movement and require not only self focus but also detailed focus on the environment that surrounds us. 

We study the holds in sequence, we notice the wind as it rises and falls from morning till night, we see the shapes of mountains and understand their geophomic form. We notice the seal and it notices us. We can a greater understanding of each natural environment and how each peace has a role to play.

We understand that this is a gift that we must protect for future generations to experience 



About the founder, Will

Becoming a guide in the mountains has been a life’s work and a rewarding process ripe with endless skill development, personal growth and the exploration of mountain environments around the globe. 

Will has been creatively exploring the natural environment around him since growing up in Australia, in a small community wedged between bush-covered hills of Kurringu National Park and the ocean, Will developed a deep love for exploring the outdoors and the coastal marine environment through sailing, windsurfing scuba diving and hiking. He loved not just the challenge and adventure, but the genuine, deep bonds which are fostered by sharing those incredible experiences with others.

Seeking travel and adventure Will moved to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta. Here, he discovered big mountains for the first time. He dove into rock climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing and ski touring, becoming an ACMG rock climbing guide, apprentice backcountry ski guide and experienced mountain person. The pull of the ocean and the combination of Mountains and ocean has led Will to settle in Squamish, British Columbia.

Will has been leading adventures around the world in many disciplines since 2006, its the endless discovery and passionate respect for beautiful natural environments and people that fuels his desire for the next adventure.

Will has a bachelor of Science in adventure ecotourism, has completed a two year adventure guides diploma at Thomson Rivers University.

He is an Association of Canadian Mountain guide, Rock climbing Guide and Apprentice ski guide 

He is an experienced sailor with one major ocean crossing and in numerous coastal cruising and racing experience.

He is currently learning to kiteboard 

 Guides and Safety

OneLife Adventure guides and skippers are all experts in their fields, with extensive and impressive personal and professional resumes. Their job is their passion and life, not just a job. As a guide, we are essentially all professional risk managers in our respective field. Essentially we make hundreds of decisions a week all directed toward keeping you safe and comfortable. It is our primary and overruling value.




Squamish is a small, vibrant community in the aptly-named “Sea to Sky” corridor in coastal British Columbia. Perched on the Howe Sound beneath the mountains of the Coast Range and the majestic Stawamus Chief, Squamish justly earns its title of “Recreation Capital of Canada”. It offers some of the best in the world in pretty much whatever outdoor pursuit you’re into - climbing, sailing, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, kite surfing. And the setting is some of the most breathtakingly scenic as well: lush coastal rainforest right down to the deep turquoise water of the Howe Sound, the Stawamus Chief and snow capped mountains rising high above.

Our local sailing expeditions start from the Squamish Harbour, right by downtown Squamish, and venture into the beautiful Howe Sound. Our climbing trips are all located very near downtown Squamish as well at, Smoke Bluffs, Murrin Park and the mighty Stawamus Chief.

Whether it’s climbing, skiing, sailing, or Mt Biking in our own back yard of Squamish and surrounds or across a far away ocean to an exotic landscape, come join us and experience your one adventurous life!