Why choose us?

OneLife Adventures is about experience and the connections we develop through the process of adventure, the connection to our inner adventurer, the connection to beautiful natural places, and the connections we develop with fellow adventure seekers. We believe the deepest and most real connections are formed in the outdoors, sharing new experiences and challenges with others. Oh and we sure do like to have fun along the way! 

Join us on customized climbing or sailing adventures for a truly inspirational experience, specifically designed to suit your physical abilities and adventure needs. Our highly trained guides and crew look after you, ensuring you have a safe, fun, and fulfilling experience.


"We believe the deepest and most real connections are formed in the outdoors, sharing new experiences and challenges with others."


OneLife Adventures allows you to discover fresh perspectives, develop new skills, and savour the exhilaration of taking on and conquering exciting challenges. We are genuine in our passion for the outdoors, the people we meet and the experiences we share. We look forward to welcoming you for memorable climbing and sailing adventures in beautiful Squamish, BC.

About Will 

Growing up in Australia, in a small community wedged between bush-covered hills and the ocean, Will developed a deep love for exploring the outdoors and the coastal marine environment through sailing, windsurfing scuba diving and hiking. He loved not just the challenge and adventure, but the genuine, deep bonds which are fostered by sharing those incredible experiences with others.


Seeking travel and adventure Will moved to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta. Here, he discovered proper mountains for the first time. He dove into rock climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing and ski touring, becoming an ACMG rock climbing guide, apprentice backcountry ski guide and experienced mountain person.

Guides and Safety

Will is a fully Qualified ACMG Rock guide, meaning he has been trained as an apprentice rock guide and has passed another exam to gain his full Rock climbing certification. 2018 is his 7th year of rock climbing guiding in Canada with two previous years guiding in Australia. He has an impeccable safety record with zero accidents in his guiding career.

In addition, our skippers are all professional sailing instructors or commercial boat operators, and many have extensive off-shore race experience.


Squamish is a small, vibrant community in the aptly-named “Sea to Sky” corridor in coastal British Columbia. Perched on the Howe Sound beneath the mountains of the Coast Range and the majestic Stawamus Chief, Squamish justly earns its title of “Recreation Capital of Canada”. It offers some of the best in the world in pretty much whatever outdoor pursuit you’re into - climbing, sailing, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, kite surfing. And the setting is some of the most breathtakingly scenic as well: lush coastal rainforest right down to the deep turquoise water of the Howe Sound, the Stawamus Chief and snow capped mountains rising high above.

Our sailing expeditions start from the Squamish Harbour, right by downtown Squamish, and venture into the beautiful Howe Sound. Our climbing trips are all located very near downtown Squamish as well at, Smoke Bluffs, Murrin Park and the mighty Stawamus Chief.