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Crack Climbing Technique


Crack Climbing Technique

"Crack climbing is really hard!" How often do you find yourself or find visitors to Squamish saying this? Well, because it’s true. Face climbing comes more naturally because it wasn’t that long ago that we were swinging in the trees. Crack climbing is not intuitive, it’s a learned skill with very specific techniques. Once these techniques have been learned you can progress easily and feel more confident with your crack climbing. 

This course will teach you the fundamental techniques of different sized cracks:

Hand & Fist Jambing

Finger & Ring Locks

Offwidth techniques 

Correct foot placement in all these sizes 

Body position 

Resting Strategies 

 Your guarantee of quality:

All our courses are taught by highly experienced ACMG rock guides, not apprentice ACMG guides. Course content is industry best practice techniques, that are delivered in simple linear step by step format with ample time for skills practice. 

Avoid the weekend crowds with weekday course!

Course Suitability 

This course is suitable for anyone that wants to improve there crack climbing ability, whether your a seasoned sport climber or you have some crack climbing skills or you are more new to climbing.


$250/person, min 2 people, Max 2 persons guide