Women learning to Lead Climb in Squamish
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Traditional Lead Climbing


Traditional Lead Climbing

Are you keen to have more options to climb? So you've been lead climbing sport outdoors and you've top roped a bunch of traditional crack climbs. And you're ready to take your leading to the next level, with traditional lead climbing.

This course will cover a variety of skills including:

Correct lead belay techniques

Traditional gear placement

Traditional anchor construction

Traditional lead climbing protection strategies. 

This course will develop the skills to safely lead climb outside using traditional climbing gear. This course is designed to deliver you the required information and then give you the opportunity to safely practice these skills in a supervised environment. 

Your guarantee of quality:

All our courses are taught by highly experienced ACMG rock guides, not apprentice ACMG guides. Course content is industry best practice techniques, that are delivered in simple linear step by step format with ample time for skills practice. 

Avoid the weekend crowds with weekday course!

 Course suitability

Participants will have some experience leading sport routes outside and top rope climbing outside on traditional granite crack climbs and have a solid foundation of rock climbing technique. 

What's provided

We can supply the traditional climbing protection, or the "rack" and the ropes, quickdraws, and slings although we encourage you to bring the equipment you have. You should come with the basic climbing equipment of helmet, harness, climbing shoes and belay device. It is beneficial if you practice with your own equipment, so please bring it if you have it. 


$250/person (min 2 max 2 person per guide)