Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing
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Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing


Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing

If you're a competent single-pitch lead climber and have climbed outside a few times you may be looking to take the next step. Learning multi-pitch climbing techniques can help you break free of the crag and inject a bit more adventure into your climbing day. 

This course will help you with route selection, belaying methods in the multi-pitch setting, protecting both the leader and the second while climbing, anchor construction and considerations for multi pitch climbing, route finding and rappel descents.

Course suitability

You're a competent single-pitch lead climber (and lead belayer) and comfortable with climbing in an outdoor setting.

Recommended Equipment

ATC or belay devise with a guide mode, Cordellet (5m of 7mm cord), anchor slings, personal prussic, pear & D shaped carabiners, and your regular climbing equipment, helmet harness, rope etc. Its recommended that you use the equipment that you have, it gives you an idea of what works well in certain situations.



$189/person (min 3 max 4)