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Intro to Rock Climbing


Intro to Rock Climbing

An introduction to the wonderful world of climbing. Join us for a fun climbing adventure led by our highly trained and experienced guides on some of the world’s best rock climbing routes. If you have never climbed before or are new to climbing, we will teach you the best techniques and practices to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe first outdoor climbing experience.
You will learn how to belay your partner, tie into the rope, basic climbing movements, and how to be safe.

Course suitability:

New or novice climbers

What's provided:

We will bring all required technical equipment (ropes, harness, helmet, gear) except for climbing shoes. If you do not have climbing shoes, we recommend renting them from the Climb On store. You are very welcome to bring your own gear if you prefer.


$150/person (min 3 max 6 persons per guide)

$295/group up to 4 persons for a half day