Students learn rock climbing rescue techniques and skills in Squamish
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Rock Rescue Skills


Rock Rescue Skills

So, you've got yourself into a situation. Do you know how to avoid a fun day out from turning into an all out epic? Learn the skills necessary to help you and your partner or, other climbing teams get out of difficult situations in multi pitch climbing scenarios in this intensive one day rock rescue course.

Skills learned include:

Advanced anchor building 
Escaping the belay
Raising systems
Rope ascending
Lowering & tandem rappel 

What's provided

We supply ropes and other technical rescue equipment. It's recommended that you come with your own multi pitch climbing equipment. You may or may not use ankor building slings, cordelette, personal prussic (5m of 7mm cord), micro traction. It's recommended to practice with your own equipment. 


$165/person (min 3 max 4)