Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing in Squamish
Guided Rock Climbing
Summer to Summit - Rock Progression


Summer to Summit - Rock Progression

How long have you looked up at the walls of the chief and wondered if you have got what it takes to climb to the top? Well, you do and we are here to help!

Last year a new Squamish resident approached me about wanting to climb to the top of the chief. Now in his middle age, he had once climbed in his youth in the UK. We set about building the skills to get him to the top. With a bit of hard work and a lot of fun along the way, we summited the chief, adding a few harder pitches on for good measure.

 After this very rewarding experience for both of us, I thought there must be more people out there with these same desires. So I developed this product to give others the tremendous rewards of ascending the chief by rock climb.

The program is designed for the fit local or frequent visitor to Squamish who has always dreamed of climbing to the summit of the chief but has little or no experience with climbing. This is a one on one course and scheduling our climbing days is based on your and my availability, aiming for a flexible schedule that fits your summer life.

Program Details

Climbing to the top of the chief is like many other things you have achieved in your life. We start small and build the foundation skills, introducing new skills as it makes sense for the next stage of climbing development. As this program is one guide to one guest ratio, you will progress as quickly or slowly as required. You will have the same guide throughout the training process to the final summit.

All the skills required to summit the Chief are taught in a linear plan that builds one upon the other. We start with the basics of general top rope climbing safety, communication, and climbing technique. Next is multi pitch climbing skills of rappelling, traditional gear removal and multi pitch belaying. Then it’s all up from there, to the top!


The easiest route to the summit of the Chief is the Squamish Buttress at 5.10c. This pitch can be avoided by climbing several easier interesting pitches to the left, the hardest being at grade 5.9 

What is required

A good attitude, a willingness to work hard, and a pair of climbing shoes. We will supply all the other climbing equipment required. Just be prepared to get fit and look great!

The commitment

Each person depending on many factors will take more or less time. I suspect most people will be ready to Summit after 5 to 6 days of one on one training. You owe it to yourself, a commitment to the process for a least four days.


Pricing is based on the guide to guest ratio of or 1:1

$1695/person - four days of training and climbing at a (1:1)
$425/person - extra days (1:1)