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Trad & Multi Pitch Performance


Trad & Multi Pitch Performance

This course is designed for those that need to brush up or modernize their traditional and multi-pitch climbing skills and techniques. Traditional multi-pitch climbing relies on the team travelling safely and efficiently throughout the whole process from leading to following, station management and the repel decent.

This course focuses on the fundamentals of efficient, safe and fun traditional multi- pitch climbing. You can expect to learn; what constitutes bomber gear placement, protection strategies, resting, belay location, building traditional anchors, station and rope management, changeovers. Decent decision making, safe multi-pitch repel systems and repel rope options.

If you are looking to take you multi-pitch traditional climbing to the next level, into the alpine or on some of the bigger routes on the chief, this course will be a crucial stepping stone to the development of a solid skillset.

Unlike other courses, this course does not have a large guide to guest ratio. Ideally, you take this course with a climbing partner, this allows the group of one guide and two clients to traditional multi-pitch climb, instructing in the actual environment for the highest learning.

Course suitability

This course is suitable for those that have multi pitch traditional climbed in the past but find that their multi pitch traditional climbing techniques and systems create uncertainty, inefficiency and slow execution of objectives. This is not a beginner course for first time traditional or multi pitch climbers.

Your guarantee of quality:

All our courses are taught by highly experienced ACMG rock guides, not apprentice ACMG guides. Course content is industry best practice techniques, that are delivered in a simple linear step by step format with ample time for skills practice. 

Avoid the weekend crowds with weekday course!


Squamish is blessed with many areas ideal for training, with numerous short multi pitch climbing routes and descents.

What's provided

We will bring all the required technical equipment (ropes, harness, helmet, gear) except for climbing shoes. If you do not have climbing shoes, we recommend renting them from the ClimbOn store. You are very welcome to bring your own gear if you prefer.

You will need to bring warm layers, a windproof jacket, water, lunch, snacks, and a climbing bullet pack.


Pricing is based on the guest to guide ratio of  2:1 

$500/person based on two guided days at a 2:1 guest to guide ratio