Sea Stack Climbing - Tasmania, Australia
Sea Stack Climbing - Tasmania, Australia


Sea Stack Climbing - Tasmania, Australia

This trip is a sailing access climbing trip on the spectacular sea cliffs of the Tasmin peninsular National Park in Tasmania Australia. The yacht is a 42ft Catalina, and we have two landing crafts a hard and soft 10ft dingy with a 10hp outboard.

The rock is Jurassic dolerite, the remains of a drowned escarpment, with kilometres of unclimbed columns, stacks, chasms and great walls rising abruptly from the deep ocean waters.

Trip Details

This trip is an exploratory climbing trip using a sailing vessel to access climbing options of The Tasmin Peninsular with the possibility to stop at the dreamy beaches and lagoons of Maria Island. The actual route will be discussed and decided within the group.

The trip is for the highly adventurous and skilled traditional climber with no sailing or boating experience required. This area is a world class climbing destination, and perhaps the best sea cliff climbing in the world, it also boasts some of the most dramatic and Jurassic coastal landscape peppered with white sand beaches and coastal eucalyptus forest. 

The aim of the trip is to easily access, and maximize our time on the amazing climbing that this area has to offer. Some of the must climb routes are the famous sea stacks; Totem Pole, Candlestick, Moai, Pole Dancer, Pole Axed as well as many other less well known classic routes. 

Climbing grades in the Tasmin Peninsular range from as easy as 5.10a to the high 5.12's and Multi pitch routes of 4-5 pitches. 

Why use a yacht

Many of these areas are significantly difficult to access via the land. They require long walks, humping in camping equipment and freshwater.  Whereas the yacht is our transport, our floating home base with comfortable beds, cold storage, freshwater and a great place to hang as the sun sets. A good example is an approach to the Totem pole, while anchored in the beautiful Fortescue bay, we lower the tender from its perch above the transom, load up, and drive the 2 min across the bay to the base of the Totem pole. Oh and if you haven't sailed before you're in for a treat!


Sailing if you haven’t experienced it is a truly wonderful experience, peaceful, very technical and lots to learn if you're so inclined, as well as being highly relaxing.

The Vision

The trip aims to bring together a group of adventurous and fun people, to be collaborative on decision making and achieving objectives, to learn from each other, to make new friends while climbing spectacular stone in a stunning environment.

Pro Local Photographer & climber joins the team!

Simon Bishoff has joined the trip as the casual trip photographer and climber. Simon has explored this area numerous times via the traditional long hiking trails, and also via a few motorboat day access trips. He has always wanted to explore the area further via a boat and in a multiday setting. He does great work, check out his Instagram page:

What you get!

  • 7 days & nights of yacht access climbing
  • Trip leadership by highly experienced ACMG Rock Climb Guide
  • Luxury 42ft Catalina Yacht, commercially certified for offshore passage
  • Highly experienced & commercial certified skipper
  • Zodiac inflatable dingy with 10hp motor used for ship to shore access
  • Pro climbing photographer and local climbing knowledge aboard
  • The most adventurous yet comfortable climbing adventure on the worlds best sea stack!

2019 Pricing Only!

CAN $1450 

This trip and price point only offered in 2019, subsequent trips will be twice the price! Don't miss out!

Only 4 spots left!


5th - 11th November 2019 

Trip length: 7 days & 7 nights

Including staying on the vessel the night before our am departure

How to Join this trip

If you have the required skills eg. you are a highly adventurous and skilled traditional climber. Please email your climbing experience to:

Upon approval, you will be confirmed for payment.

 Further Information

The Yacht we are travelling on is a 42 foot Catalina, commercially registered for an offshore passage. The skipper has 35 years of sailing experience and is a commercially certified skipper.

The vessel is basically a 3 double bedroom + saloon/double bed, 2 bathrooms floating condo of the luxury variety, as well as being an excellent offshore sailing performer.

On the back of this vessel is an inflatable dingy with a 10hp motor for all our yacht to shore requirements. In addition to this, we will have a hard dingy for rock shelf landings

Weather and conditions

This time of year is generally dominated by high pressure systems (clear sunny) punctuated by the occasional low pressure system which can bring rain and lower temps. These only last a couple of days.

Average temperature range from 15 - 25 degrees Celsius, with light winds 15 - 20km/hr, sea state are generally calm to smooth with the chance of large swells if a particularly low, low pressure system moves across the region. This is not typical for this time of year.

Daytime hrs are around 13 with water temperatures averaging 15 degrees.

The meals and food for the trip is the responsibility of the whole team, we will need to shop, prepare and store all food on the yacht prior to departure. The team will be responsible for preparing meals for each other on a roster type system.  

Below are links to the online guide book of the area

Online guide - Tasman Peninsular

On the above linked page, you will find the links to these areas which we will most certainly access:

Cape Pillar

Cape Raoul

Fortescue Bay

Mount Brown 

A description of the Tasman Peninsular from an online climbing guide.

The Tasman Peninsular on Tasmania's east coast finishes in a spectacular sweep of vertical cliffs, the highest sea cliffs in Australia. The rock is Jurassic dolerite, the remains of a drowned escarpment, with kilometres of unclimbed columns, stacks, chasms and great walls rising abruptly from the deep ocean waters. Cape Pillar itself is quite extraordinary and descriptions such as "awesome coastal scenery, once seen, never forgotten",


Making the most of your trip to Tasmania

Hobart has another two world class climbing destinations in very close proximity.

The Organ Pipes in Mt Wellington National Park, in Hobart, would be an excellent addition to your climbing trip to Tasmania. Huge Basalt columns form trad routes on the internal junctions and produce sport climbing routes on the outer arrets.

Organ Pipes - Hobart 

The Freycinet Peninsula is further north along the coastline than the Tasman peninsular and features long routes on pink granite.

Freycinet Peninsula

Below is a link to some climbing footage of 4 of the most famous sea stacks. First one is in the Organ Pipes on Mt Wellington, Hobart. Just so you know I sea kayaked this coastline at a similar time of year and it was beautiful sunny weather with no seas!

And here are some great climbing pictures from a crusher that lives in the area

More images to drool over

Images Totem Pole

Cape Pillar

Cape Raoul 

Freycinet Peninsular 

Freycinet Penisular overview

Maria Island

Conditions of payment 

Full payment is required to secure your spot.